Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Copulation vs fist

Is "sex with a woman and cumming" really worth it? My primary directive is to avoid actual sex to avoid having any children. Since there is no 100% protection, the prevention will fail eventually, like condoms and pills. Twisting tits, rubbing nipples and shoving a meat piston in a moldy hole doesnt give that amazing sensation u wouldnt get from a good porn. To replace meat and bones with a video material requires good imagination to get into that setting presented in the picture. Good imagination requires good, immersive and believable porn: Good looking people, realistic dicks and tits for example in a french porn. Boring porn contains some steroid bulls bonking rubber tits.

To score usually takes way too much time and effort. Slowest way is actually have a meaningful relationship with somebody, which means that u have to listen some jabbering in daily basis and really pay attention to somebody. I usually dont have any interest to listen some mundane babble from any girl, because i get extremely bored. If the girl is not even externally pleasant, why even bother?

Fastest way is to go to a bar or a club, or just get a hooker, but that means those places have some disgusting diseases everywhere, or the risk is too high to get some infections. Nobody even knows how many herpes flavored lollipops have sunken into a tush. This is why porn exist: U can choose fine chicks from effective catalogue, not having to pay any inconvenience for anybody and settings are perfect for one man adventure in disease free environment, not to mention avoiding risk to get some cherry pregnant.

Some say there is nothing like real deal flesh, but i can say from an experience, which i partially regret, there is nothing so amazing features in sex which cannot be simulated in a mind. It requires good imagination, ability to focus and get absorbed to what is before eyes. U will save time, money and health when investing to a good material, which lasts entire life without any commitments, and u will have a rich collection to choose from.

 And the bottom line is how Rick Hoffman said in Hostel (2005):

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