Saturday, October 19, 2019

Ejaculation Meter

Best looking women in the world at their prime.

This list presents entries in the ejaculation scale and with a ranking, concentrating to faces. Ranking X means to be determined later. Point of the list is to show that modern day standard of beauty is ill looking, for example film stars big bulky (bug-eyed) eyes, facial structures squeezed to small area of the face without any direction of classical beauty. Or some celebrities looking dull, mean or immature.

1. Jennifer Connelly

She has the most exquisite bonestructure in her face, completed with perfect finish of flesh and skin. Her features are precisely in absolute and astoundingly perfect positions, giving her warm and compelling appearance, were she smiling or not. She does not look evil or bitchy, but kind and welcoming. Pure perfection.

Proof: Career Opportunities (1991).
Ejaculation meter: 10.
Ranking: Definitive and only no. 1.

X. Tuesday Weld

She has foxy facial features, in the sense of absolute cuteness and warmth.

Proof: 60s and 70s.
Ejaculation meter: 10.
Ranking: X.

X. Grace Kelly

She looks always happy and beaming. Facial features in perfect positions.

Proof: Rear Window (1954).
Ejaculation meter: 10.
Ranking: X.

X. Julianne Moore

Eternal beauty.

Proof: Boogie Nights (1997).
Ejaculation meter: 10.
Ranking: X.

X. Mary Elizabeth Winstead


Proof: The Thing (2011).
Ejaculation meter: 10.
Ranking: X.

X. Monica Bellucci


Proof: Dobermann (1997).
Ejaculation meter: 10.
Ranking: X.

X. Lois Chiles


Proof: Creepshow 2 (1987).
Ejaculation meter: 9.
Ranking: X.

X. Sharon Stone


Proof: Total Recall (1990).
Ejaculation meter: 9.
Ranking: X.

X. Linda Kozlowski

Tempting and mature looking face.

Proof: Crocodile Dundee (1986).
Ejaculation meter: 9.
Ranking: X.

X. Kathleen Turner

Beauty of the 80s. Shen can look mean and dominating, but also switch to sweetheart.

Proof: Romancing the Stone (1984).
Ejaculation meter: 9.
Ranking: X.

X. Rachel Weisz

Her smile.

Proof: The Mummy (1999).
Ejaculation meter: 9.
Ranking: X.

X. Sherilyn Fenn


Twin Peaks (TV Series).
Ejaculation meter: 8.
Ranking: X

X. Debbie Harry


Ejaculation meter: 8.
Ranking: X.

X. Janet Leigh

Burning icy stare.

Proof: Psycho (1960).
Ejaculation meter: 8.
Ranking: X.

X. Kate Beckinsale


Proof: Pearl Harbor (2001).
Ejaculation meter: 8.
Ranking: X.

X. Jessica Alba


Proof: Machete (2010).
Ejaculation meter: 8.
Ranking: X.

X. Kristanna Loken


Proof: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003).
Ejaculation meter: 8.
Ranking: X.

X. Mila Kunis


Proof: Black Swan (2010).
Ejaculation meter: 8.
Ranking: X.

X. Courteney Cox


Proof: Masters of the Universe (1987).
Ejaculation meter: 8.
Ranking: X.

X. Kelly Preston


Proof: Christine (1983).
Ejaculation meter: 7.
Ranking: X.

X. Andrea Anders


Proof: Joey (TV Series).
Ejaculation meter: 7.
Ranking: X.

X. Kirsten Dunst


Proof: Melancholia (2011).
Ejaculation meter: 7.
Ranking: X.

X. Olivia Newton-John


Proof: Grease (1978).
Ejaculation meter: 6.
Ranking: X.

X. Lauren Graham


Proof: Bad Santa (2003).
Ejaculation meter: 6.
Ranking: X.

X. Christina Applegate


Proof: Married with Children (TV Series).
Ejaculation meter: 6.
Ranking: X.

X. Ashley Laurence


Proof: Hellraiser (1987).
Ejaculation meter: 6.
Ranking: X.

X. Chloë Grace Moretz

Her lips are yummy

Proof: The Equalizer (2014).
Ejaculation meter: 6.
Ranking: X.

X. Tara Reid

The American Pie.

Proof: American Pie (1999).
Ejaculation meter: 5.
Ranking: X.

X. Lindsay Lohan


Proof: Mean Girls (2004).
Ejaculation meter: 5.
Ranking: X.

X. Rachel McAdams


Proof: Red Eye (2005).
Ejaculation meter: 4.
Ranking: X.

X. Lisa Eilbacher


Proof: 10 to Midnight (1983).
Ejaculation meter: 4.
Ranking: X.

X. Barbara Nedeljakova


Proof: Hostel (2005).
Ejaculation meter: 4.
Ranking: X.

X. Julie Delpy


Proof: Before Sunrise (1995).
Ejaculation meter: 1.
Ranking: X.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Conquest maps in multiplayer.

Usually when u are playing conquest maps in everybodys multiplayer FPS games, u often notice same problems with teams and players.

Here is a setting for a ongoing match, where red is dominating and blue is suffering. Entry points means team spawn points. In this sample is demonstrated how player minds works. When blue team is stuck and cannot expand to capture other points, they spawn to C1 and C2 and tries to face off the dominating red team. This does not make any sense, and this is what usually happens in the field.

There is an entire border for spawning at the bottom of the map. From there, squads could fast and efficiently distribute themselves to multiple areas at the same time. Ongoing map shows that there are only minority amount of players trying to maneuver themselves around the hot zone between area C and area B, while most of the players are stuck in frontal attack and are losing time. Even the stars shows the blue team squad leaders stuck in the middle of the jam. Squad leaders should be those who takes responsibility and look for the angle and flank the enemy forces. But of course nothing as this simple is possible for majority of players. Nobody cares and nobody learns.

What a waste of time and potential of great maps in conquest type of games. This game is called World War 3.

And btw why people want to play snipers in a multiplayer fps? Desperate for a kill, without skill?

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Video games in the year of 2018.

2018, what a great year in video game industry. I can remember disasters like fall of Commodore and rise of Sony Playstation and optical discs, but i cant remember any tight spot in history where multiple high profile game industry leaders have failed at the same time. EA-Dice tries to rip players from money with new releases, latest BFV, which was some kind of turd ball of SJW and actually being Bf 1.5. Blizzard usually has been a very trustworthy player which does not take big risks, but apparently Blizzard has lost its touch trying to pull a major franchise to mobile devices. Diablo was one of the icon of hardcore gaming, it apparently is not anymore. Mobile platform is going ever to be HC. The ruling platform for video games is simply PC, because it has most calculation power in CPU and GPU, and it has WASD. Even modern consoles are not hardcore, because twirling thumbs on a pad is just not equivalent to WASD. And u can forget motion and VR, so far they have failed the potential. Bethesdas Fallout 76 is a disaster, which is hard to believe from a company which brought us successful games like Oblivion and Skyrim. Ironically, appears that console game, Red Dead Redemption 2, is already a success.

Monday, February 26, 2018

A Batch of Chain-link fences in games

Here is an another batch of video games featuring chain-link fences.

Batman: Arkham Knight (2015):

Generally this game has so much details, objects, ui information and effects in the screen, that it clutters whole visual experience. For example roads are filled with junk, it is hard to even figure out where the actual road is when in a hurry. And top of that, there are the visual effects, like lighting effects and the rain effect. Unreal Engine has pretty good rendering engine, but there is a border when there is just too much of stuff on the screen. Quality of the chain-link fences are pretty good and shows how good graphics can be and how much graphical tricks can be presented in an open world experience with some tube run scenes.

Crysis 2 (2011):

Cryengine has a reputation to be a very complex engine, which means it exhausts resources of a machine back in 2011. Chain-link fence sample proves that graphics are really good, but that is it. The game itself is very boring

DARK (2013):

DARK represents cartoonish graphics, which is just an excuse to be stylish, lacking lots of texture quality as can be see from the chain-link fence sample. DARK is so mediocre game ovarall, that it just fades to the sun like a vampire.

Dead Rising (2006):

This is the oldest game in the batch, and it looks really old. For the time there was limitations to the graphics and chain-link fence sample shows how gigantic those chain-link frames are to save texture space. Graphics tries to be convincing, and they are enough detailed to be realistic.

Hard Reset (2011):

Hard Reset is a weird game. It has this gloomy and cold atmosphere from visuals and gameplay. Levels are screaming emptiness. There is not much of life in there, and when something moves, it usually is an enemy bringing death. This doesnt mean it is a scary game, but just cold like in future scenes in Terminator movies. Lack of humanity in the levels makes whole game strange. Textures are detailed, mostly because of levels are narrow tube runs.

Mafia 3 (2016):

Mafia 3 rendering engine brings absolutely beautiful graphics. Texture details suffers mostly because of it is an open world game where is lots of content. It is hard to say why the chain-link fence looks like it has double layers, but maybe it because both sides are represented?

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (2014):

This game has the most impressive chain-link fences from the batch. Texture sample in it has lots of resolution and the chain-links are deliciously intertwining together, which means the depth is gorgeous. Graphics in other hand are not that impressive, though the game contains a moderately big level.

Outlast (2013):

Outlast has very crispy graphics and they are generally pretty good. Chain-link fence sample though is very poor. Overall the visuals gives player brownish impression, mostly because the game tries to look dirty, gory and disgusting. Darkness is one major feature in the game, but it is represented as pitch black. Better and more aesthetic approach would have been to tint the black to a mild colour, like danger zone would have very dark red hue, cold place has dark blue and disqusting greenish darkness and neutral brownish darkness.

Quantum Break (2016):

Remedy is a finnish developer who made their name mostly from Max Payne. After that the tub has fallen from grace for a long time. Their major fetish is to bring some suspense Hollywood narrative to a video game, and that is their biggest problem. Max Payne worked very well, but Alan Wake and Quantum Break are just utterly boring experiences and story is way much at the foreground. If they want to make a video or movie, they should make a movie, not games with some corny stories. Of course consumers assumes that big boys knows what they are doing, and some players, especially finnish, pathetically are enjoying their failures, just because they are finnish game studio. Cocky people at Remedy should just focus to a more rich game concepts and mechanics, not stories. Their technology are not impressive anymore, barely holding small scale levels with poor quality textures and effects.

RAGE (2011):

RAGEs selling point was graphics and mostly huge texture catalogue. There is lots of details in textures, but lacking more game content. World feels empty and for open world game, there is way too little of game content. Graphics engine barely held on the speed of player, which appeared that texture drawing is always late when player changes the view. Chain-link fence shows that textures are not detailed in close distance.

Resident Evil 5 (2009):

Resident Evil 5 has very good and detailed graphics because of level designs are tight. There are couple variations of chain-link fences, and they look poor. They tried to push more details to the 3rd person characters and other aspects on levels, which is correct thinking in graphics design wisely.

Rise of the Tomb Raider (2016):

Tomb Raider has generally good graphics, mostly because of texture quality and resolution and open world experience is modest. Chain-link fence shows just extremely poor texture work with alpha.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (2017):

Chain-link fence sample is the worst from the batch. Quality is just very bad and maps are not even vast.

Sniper Elite 4 (2017):

This game has very beautiful graphics in overall and chain-link fence shows very bold texture work. Maps are open world and player can roam them freely. Texture quality in other textures are impressive and creates good impression of the rendering engine.

Watch_Dogs (2014):

Watch_Dogs is a game, where Ubisoft had to create a hacking game, without featuring hacking. Hacking means that player presses a key and technology magic happens. It is the most understatement for what hacking really means. Then it tries to feature vigilante violence in the streets, ending to be just another stealth shooter with a loose theme. Graphics are sharp, but something in the texture work shows deficiency. All the renderings gives impression of plasticity, like a world in some kind of ball pond.

Watch_Dogs 2 (2016):

Ubisoft tries to bring urban street culture to the state of the art hacking. Again, hacking is forgotten and Ubi brought good looking, athletic traceurs and graffitis to the world of technology. It is a very embarrasing composition. Graphics and textures are detailed, and lighting model is pretty good, but superficiality radiates from everywhere.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Basic concept of this game is great, cars made of junk, fabulous.

However my main argument is the weapons. For example there are cannons and turret cannons, which are what they are. They basically are some kind of dart throwers which does some minor blast damage. But now somebody desided to include those "plasma" weapons, which looks out of the original theme. They look like Super Soakers shooting water balloons and doing way too much damage. They need to be down graded or utterly removed. Why not just adjust cannons and turrets making more damage and blast radius? There is simply no good reason for plasma guns. They are cheesy and corny in its basic form, without originality. And what is this microwave oven lazer? These new weapons are same as old weapons just with new skins.

If u need some fresh ideas for weapons, hire a game designer with a sense of humor, who is brave enough to try new things. But here is some ideas which could flourish the theme a little bit (humorous):

How about a giant hammer?:

How about a flailing morning star?:

How about a oil soaker? Later those spills could be set on fire:

About existing weapons:

Why a lance has energy drain only 1? Some people only spam them around their vehicle and instantly kills a player, completely ruining somebodys round. Put them like 4 or 5 drain each. Or u could drop down erergy drain of cannons and turrets to 2 per piece. Fair enough? Or u could put a module with 1 energy drain which gives player ability to jump.

And whose idea was to insert drones to the game. They seriously needs to be down scaled like 5 drain per box. Now they make way too much damage, or shooting way too far per bot. Drones should be and addition to somebodys arsenal, not a primary focus. Now it means spamming things around and literally doing anything relevant for battle of others with guns. Drones always lamely ruins somebodys match.

If there are balancing issues, there are these "Excel" softwares where a designer can put down values and easily compare things together.

Lastly, weapons should be last things to be preserved. The game is over when weapons are destroyed. The teamwork is not emphasized enough for players to work seamlessly together. 90% of matches are just random behaviour. Weapons should drop only when a cabin or base structure is destroyed.

Chat is utterly useless. I havent ever, not even once, seen any constructive nor tactical input from anyone, and i have been playing this game over 200 hours. At least put an option to remove the whole thing.

... Otherwise it is good game with great potential for serving exciting battles. And i truly a fan of this game.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Chain-Link Fence selection


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (2002):

Lego Batman: The Videogame (2008):

L.A. Noire (2011):

Max Payne 3 (2012):

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (2012):

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell  has best looking chain-link fence from this selection, and overall graphics are very good considering how old the game is.

Lego Batman has worst quality overall in graphics and in chain-link fences, but graphics were not the selling point in this game.

Sleeping Dogs has very nice graphics and chain-link fences, considering it is an open world game.

Last from selection is two games from Rockstar Games, Max Payne 3 and L.A. Noire. Max Payne 3 is a scripted tube run shooter, and has best looking graphics overall, but not the best looking chain-link fences. L.A. Noire in other hand is open world game, and therefor overall quality in graphics suffers, but is still very good looking game and has good looking chain-link fences. Rockstar Games is the studio collection which really pushes out quality games, both in graphics and content.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Roller Disco Ball

Roller Disco Ball - The List:

 NEWS: - Added: 
 Jordan Aguirre - G-Storm (Extended Remix)

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TIER 1 - Elite Selection:

#1 Derek Howell - A Bit Less This Time - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#2 Steve Porter - The Return  @  Spotify YouTube
#3 Ataneus - Uppercase (Mario Aureo Remix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#4 Fitalic - Bustanovice  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Fitalic - Control Your Mind (Original Mix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. ALEX DOLBY - Hazy Way - Evil Nine Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Alexander Popov feat Syntigma - Atlantida  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dudu Nahas - To Run - Noah Becker Holosound Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Marsbeing, MalYar - Walking to the Stars (Chris Domingo Remix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Simon & Shaker - Plan 9 - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Derek Howell - You Wanna Do What  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Beat Service, Gemma Pavlovic - Masquerade - Sunn Jellie Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Teenage Mutants & Andre Crom - You Don't Know (Original Mix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Galore - The Other Way Around  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Stian, Espen, Scandi - Risifrutti  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Kazusa, Mango - Asphalt Lines - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Motehra - Remember Us - ToneDepth Remix   @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Kismet - Audiophile - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Steve Porter - Purina  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Lipous - Morning Sun  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Francis Prève - Marina - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Simon & Shaker, Teramik - Plastic Upgrades - Edit  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. StoneBridge, Wawa - Let It Go - StoneBridge Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dinka feat. Julie Thompson - Radiate - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Starsign - Taurus - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Christian Weber - Balmy Breeze - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Bailey, Jodie Connor - Higher State - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Andy Moor, Markus Schulz - Daydream - Extended Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Andrea Saenz, Da'Others - Theorema - Da'Others & Andrea Saenz Unplugged Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Envotion - Streetwise - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. ACN - Ylnd  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Alex Pich, Shinobi & Julius Beat - Satisfaction Love - The Orange Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Francesco Diaz - Damascus - Dada Life Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Mischa Daniels - Take Me Higher - Fonzerelli Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Soliquid - Music Is For Rich People - Mat Zo Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Massimo Santucci - Cesars Darling - Big Room Instrumental Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Stan Kolev - Event Horizon feat. Albena Veskova - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Hott 22 - I Feel Love  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Matrick, Stan Kolev - Event Horizon feat. Albena Veskova - Matrick Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Aerodroemme, Tapwatr - Steady Politics - MOS Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Urban Breathe - Night Travel - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Pallas - Mystic Field  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dinka - Never Cheat On Strangers - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Jody Wisternoff - Orinoco  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Mischa Daniels - Run Away - Rocco Mundo & Onno Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Steve May - Blend forty3 (Luke Chable Remix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Andain - Beautiful Things (Kastis Torrau & Donatello remix) @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Third Member - Tidal Flow - Original Mix Edit  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Raze, Vaughan Mason - Break 4 Love - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Isma-Ae, Strobe - Monkey Square  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Derek Howell - Uncouth  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Leama, James Davis, Grafiti - Ghettotech - Edit  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Rob Stern, Josh Gabriel - Disco Sticks - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Hott 22, Bonnie Bailey - No Promises (feat. Bonnie Bailey) - Thomas Gold Dub  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. SIKK - The Whisper - EDX's Ibiza Sunrise Remix Edit  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Christian Weber - Up - Club Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Alucard, Solarstone - Late Summer Fields - Solarstone Deeper Sunrise Dub  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Chevy Escolano - Old Flavor - Original  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Interstate - I Found You  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Markus Selka - Studioline - Copa Move Edit  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Velvet - 3 AM  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Alex Stealthy - Permanent  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Alex Monakhow - Feel Lonely  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Matthew Dekay - Clearing The Mind - 16 Bit Lolita's Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Parham, Dominic Plaza - Underwater Rivers - Dean Coleman Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Presslaboys - Electrobeat (original mix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Circulation - Emerald  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dada Life - Unleash The F**king Dada - Radio Edit  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Giorgio Prezioso - Intelligence - Henrik B Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dudu Nahas - Surprise Me - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Ian O'Donovan - Horizons - Original  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Jaimy feat.Mozez - Cut Me Loose (Jaimy's Fatal Dub)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Claes Rosen - Endeavour - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dudu Nahas - Circles (Original Mix) - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Blake Jarrell - Take Care  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Outsiders - Hallowed - David Amo & Julio Navas remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Mozart Riggi - Chrome  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. CosmixOne - Blinded - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Lamb - Gorecki  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Magory - Reality  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Lifelike, Yota - Silicon Love  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Presslaboys - Boh!  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Minilogue - In A Deeper Motion (Original Mix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Joonas Hahmo - Sound Of Sunday  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Drumcomplex - Polution - Pascal Dior Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Sonic Vs. Taste T. - Che Guevara - Toni Rios & Andre Walter Dub Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dudu Nahas - Rebound (Original Mix) - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Patch Park - Got That M!  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Derek Howell - Stride - Logiztik Sounds, Luxor Traum Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Sin Tek - After the Silence - Presslaboys Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Lucas Reyes - Tell U - League of Noize Dub Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Markus Schulz, Elevation - Largo  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Jay Lumen - Siren - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Circulation - Chocolate  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Francesco Diaz - Damascus - Tom Novy, Jerry Ropero Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. StoneBridge, Therese, Lizzie Curious - Put 'Em High - Lizzie Curious Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Greed, Sonic Cube - Wilde - Elegant Universe Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Leventina - Gravity - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Crossfade - Basic Elements  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dudu Nahas - New Season (Original Mix) - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Moussa Clarke - Love Key 2010 - Vadim Soloviev Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Jody Wisternoff, Jonathan Mendelsohn - Slowmotion  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Peter Brown, Ella - Jump to the Rhythm - Big Room Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Parham, Dominic Plaza - Once  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Progreg - Never Look Back (Spacebeat Remix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Nick Thompson - Strategos  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. AstroNivo - Inspa  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Veerus Devine - Fujiko - Sandro Monte Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Mute, Eitan Reiter - Out There  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dudu Nahas - High Class (Original Mix) - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dash Berlin, Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run - Dash Berlin 4am Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Moldan, Isma-Ae - White Lobster - Original  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Third Member - Tidal Flow - Dub Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. The Delta Rock Duo - What's With The Unf And Tssh  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Francesco Diaz - Ibiza 2010 - Daniel Ortega, John Moss, Mike Moorish Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Laura Brown - Everything  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dj De Marchi - Get a Drink  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. The Delta Rock Duo - Beta Receptor - Original Mix Edit  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Vitodito - Tan Enamorados (Orion Scott Remix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Shingo Nakamura - Depict (Original Mix)  @  Spotify YouTube

TIER 2 - Chewy:

#1 Jesper Kyd - Winter Night  @  Spotify YouTube
#2 Feindflug - Stukas im Visier  @  Spotify YouTube
#3 Nirvana - Scentless Apprentice  @  Spotify YouTube
#4 Alien Vampires - Evil Will Always Find U  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Nachtmahr, Bernd Mazagg - Karussell  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Biosphere - The Shield  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Icon - Desire (Icarus Mix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Empusae - Morbid (Ex-Koded)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Object - Empires in peril (E-Arc version)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Skream - Make Me  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Midnight Danger - Rising  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dynatron - Pulse Power  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dar Beida 04 - Insomnia (feat. Sapho)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Tune of Soul - Guitar King  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Neon Nox - Checkpoint Feat. Rebecka Stragefors  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Skream - Midnight Request Line  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Enigma-Sadeness, Pt. 1 (Extended Trance Mix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Rob Hubbard - Lightforce  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Sonic Mayhem - Futureland (feat. Power Glove)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dead When I Found Her - Curtains  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. The Prodigy - The Trick  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Scott Joplin - Easy Winner  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Fix8:Sëd8 - Monolith (Infinite FPR extend)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Skream - Rutten  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dead When I Found Her - Painkiller Suite  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Jordan Aguirre - G-Storm (Extended Remix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Hypersonic  - The Beginning Of A Story  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. ORAX - Fears  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Winstan, Noia - Format Harddisc  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Tokyo Rose - Midnight Chase  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dead When I Found Her - Taking Shelter  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Modulation Twins - Dont Think Twice  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Digikid84 - Continuum  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Kavinsky - Nightcall  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. 1200 Micrograms - E=MC2 - Shanti remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Feindflug - Aetherkrieg  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. EL-B - Ghost Rider  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Shift - The Age Of Love  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Run-D.M.C. - Rock Box  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Solarstone - Zeitgeist  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Brock Berrigan - Prison Riot  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Digikid84 - Funk You  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Schallfaktor - Infinity  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Andrew Rayel - Dark Warrior  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Painbastard - No need to worry  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. El-B - Nobody Better  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Earthling, Poli - Bass Cadet  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Zombie Hyperdrive - Red Eyes  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Droid - Focus (Original Mix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. X-Fusion - The Calm Before The Storm  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Lazerhawk - Distress Signal  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Digikid84, Bestrack - Rock Steady in The Night - Bestrack Remix
  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Lazerhawk - Overdrive  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Mark Stewart - Anger
  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Mega Drive - Dataline  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Miss Destiny, Andy Jay Powell - Find The Only One - DJ Fait Remix
  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Thomaz Krauze - Funky Thing  @  Spotify YouTube

TIER 3 - Guilty Pleasures:

#1 Aero Chord - Time Leap  @  Spotify YouTube
#2 Safri Duo - Baya Baya  @  Spotify YouTube
#3 Andrew Bayer - Once Lydian - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#4 Skeewiff - Lost Due To Incompetence  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Culture Beat - Mr.Vain  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Eino - Oceanic Tendencies  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Jesper Kyd - Club Heaven  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Safri Duo - Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Josh Kirsch - Cologne 1983  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Pieter Vercampt - Must Pray  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Barthezz - On The Move  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Lawrence - Maniac - A. R. Remix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Scooter - Shake That! (Radio Edit)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Angerfist - Megamix 2010 (Official)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Mitis - Give My Regards - Original Mix  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Stevie Nicks - Stand Back  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. K-System - Set U Free  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. MK Ultra - Redline Hero  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Propeller - Silent Partner  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Robert Parker - '85 Again (feat. Miss K)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Culture Beat - Mr Vain Recall  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Robert Tepper - No Easy Way out  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Blind - Skull King (MegaMan 2)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Dan Bull - Grand Theft Auto V: The Mighty American Dollar  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Da Shootaz - Grand Theft Auto  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. The Impossible Game - Soundtrack levels 1, 2, 3  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Cher - Needles And Pins  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Stevie Nicks - I Can't Wait  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Sig - Ludwig Van Beethoven  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Zatox - Drop The Track  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Laibach - Opus Dei (Life is Life)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Jane Child - Don't Wanna Fall In Love  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. VNV Nation - Perpetual  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Vanity - 7th Heaven  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Rebecca & Fiona - Hard (Mysto & Pizzi Remix)  @  Spotify YouTube
#.. Casteam - I Don't Remix  @  Spotify YouTube