Friday, May 15, 2020


Watching through videos on YouTube about conditions of street food vendors in the far east. They don't wash their hands and do not care about the environment of food preparation. Everything is covered in stains and filth developed in many years without maintenance. Is it because the great amount of sun and melanin makes people careless and indifferent? Or is it some kind of social underdevelopment not willing to develop their living conditions, poor quality in education and great amount of corruption?

Then there are idiotic commenters in these videos where they try to justify their ill culture. Some said: "People have lived thousands of years without rubber gloves and better conditions.". Is that the answer for the poor quality in life? It is just sad that some people in further east are so degenerate that they live like thousands of years ago without much progress in living standards. And more sad is that they accept it as not interested, while other civilizations are far more advanced.

When it comes to hygiene issues, some people in their environments defend it by saying that they have a better immunity system and "strength of 10 men". It is probably true that eating shit will develop a basic immunity system but does not benefit on a larger scale. That is why pandemics of super diseases exist because stupid cultures are actually forming super diseases in their garbage environments, like Covid-19, which will nullify the idiotic conceits of strength or stomach of ten men. When somebody does not care about sanitary and hygiene, everybody suffers sooner or later. Living like rats is worse than anything.

People who accept their ignorant attitudes towards their poor living conditions are either stupid and idiotic or just poorly educated, while rich people in their third world are living like kings. Taking a finger out from another man's anus and sticking it straight to your own soup is just not right. Watch any of India, Pakistan, etc countries videos about street food preparation and living conditions and prepare to puke just because of that. Even some African tribes are living better lives than people in urban conditions of the far east.