Friday, October 9, 2020

Nocturnal Animals (2016)


The story is about ex-lovers, who cant evolve past the past. In one end is the airhead, Susan, who is never satisfied in her life, whatever she chooses or does. She is a drifter. She broke up with the other end, the weakling Edward, who cannot go on with his life after 20 years and still holds a grudge against Susan.

Edward sends a thriller novel to Susan, which practically is a manifestation about feelings/process he went through when Susan broke up with him and she made abortion of his child. The novel is a very serious story and is absolutely great. It is brilliant how the story intertwines together the fictional novel and the reality.

What bothers me the most is the ending, which does not feel immersive. Questions: Was Edward really that weak, that he had to write the novel to express himself and to prove Susan his writing skills? And after 20 years he is still a mess? Was the revenge, leaving Susan at the restaurant, the best possible retribution? He made her love him again, but was that a sufficient punishment?

Both characters are overly immature. I know people in the real world, who are actually this level childish and bitter, who cannot mature enough to let go. From basic psychological understanding, I would have laughed my butts of the bench if somebody tried to pull this on me, like sending an emotional manifestation and then leaving me at a restaurant. Wow, what a comeback, and very forceful revenge.

For movie stand point, the story should have gone beyond the current revenge barrier, maybe more brutal, tragic and violent, maybe going into the horror genre. Maybe some corpses or more psychological torment. I know Susan was not worth it, but neither was Edward. Dumb people (characters), but excellent movie. Well written and masterfully constructed. This was a very pleasant surprise. I liked the cop most, who was more real than anything.