Saturday, December 26, 2020

Forrest Gump did not hear anything

Why i generally dont like pop rock music? Mostly because every popular tune, for example from America, is overly sappy, lacking the sharp cutting edge. Take example of Fleetwood Macs "Go Your Own Way" and "Little Lies", which both sound "good", but also very cheesy, like songs are written in one sitting based on one simple idea and melody, compressed in 3 minutes. When u though you like the main melody and begin to grind it, after 10 rounds it starts to worn out of energy and become boring, and u start to develop severe headache. Every single main pop song has this same flaw, too simple, too easy. This is why i dont like American pop culture. For example Forrest Gump is very good dissection to American pop culture in general, but when i hear Fleetwood Mac in some point in the movie when Gump is running his run, i almost lose my mind when i realize how shallow whole movie actually is. 

I had serious problems in my teen years finding actual music besides classical music, and spent nightless nights scouring the internet numbing my mind in pop music, but also finding the actual jewel class of music, progressive house, which in some tunes, is actually comparable to brilliance of classical music. Other popular music genres i hate are metal and hip-hop. Those are quite comparable to regular pop-rock how toothless some genres are, but every mass has its redeemer.

 There are only 2 samples where metal music is dangling to a single individual hair:


Rap music pretty much is summed up to the brilliance of:

While pop/rock is anyway lost, we can always try cradle to: 

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Commodore (CBM) scrapbook

 This is a scrapbook dedicated to Commodore, its products and culture around it.

Jack Tramiel:


David John Pleasance was one of managers in Commodore (CBM), and lived/lives pretty magnificent life. U can order the book (Commodore – The Inside Story), which will illustrates Davids life during Commodore era and around it. Great great reading.


C= magazine was Finnish publication for Commodore related stuff. This magazine is only in Finnish language.


Bil Herd was an engineer in Commodore and has interesting inside stories from an engineer perspective.



Some random stuff: