Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Career opportunities (Not the movie)

 An example of how i ended up to a graphics designer. I was in vocational institute, where i studied information technology. The class was full of nerds and poseurs, very few were real deal. My turning point from programmer to graphics was the one time when i poked an ant colony. There was this trio of clowns from Kaarina, a place near Turku Finland, who practically were bullies. They bullied one guy mostly, who were once my friend. I decided to balance odds by drawing a caricature one of their blokes. I never understood what they tried to be or achieve, but i remember they all wore similar clothes, drove similar mopeds, who knows they maybe masturbated together, i dont know, but my point was they were classical example of freaks. One of them was tall and skinny, bug-eyed guy, looked like Gollum, who tried to be a bad ass. One of them was silent like Bob and resembled a duck. The last one was real nerve wreck, who probably suffered from extremely bad self-confidence.

I made a caricature of the nerve wreck, and his face in the drawing was just absurd, but quite accurate. When the nerve wreck saw the picture, he totally lost his mind and grabbed me like he was attacking, but in the end he had no balls to do anything, and practically ran away from the class like he was on fire. Later i heard at guidance counselor that he was complaining that i was bringing bad atmosphere to the class, while i said that he was a total bully. There was no consequences or anything, but i received an enlightenment. I have never ever got so much pleasure and joy from somebody in person, who i ripped and teared apart in mind and soul. I felt just powerful and dominant, when i realized that the little drawing made him lose total self-control and sanity, i just saw the path in front of me, where i should go and aim in life. Small things can have greater meanings.

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