Tuesday, December 28, 2021

State of the Music

The sample above sums up the state of the art in the music industry. When the music itself is extremely artificial and tedious, it is required to advertise/promote and redeem the lack of ingenuity with revealing imagery. This usually shows up in female artists (i dont pay attention to male music videos) with clingy clothing, which shows enough flesh that the viewer arousal overdrives the actual musical experience. When the viewer sees the prettiness, a little bit arse cheeks, some great curves, combined with seductive movement routines, it suddenly appeals for the audience as great music. This is why pop-music is popular.

Why not to dump the useless music and clothing and just make a pornographic material? Or can we keep the music and combine it with an undressed singer, so everybody can see was the seduction worth it at all and people get what they actually came here for. Viewers see the nipples and all sorts of holes and shrubbery down there and it comes back to the actual music when everything is revealed and the attention is channeled correctly.

The next sample shows the same artist as an older version, which means that the same music is in the background, but the artist wears a tent hiding it all which made the performance in the first clip. Why? Her body is no more viral? Isnt the female body a female body in whatever condition? Looking at her legs below the tent, she might have gone fat, but why does it matter? I bet that beneath the tent, there is a pair of tits and down there some shrubbery and couple holes. What is the moral standard/question between these two clips? A shame or maturity? I bet a shame. U can see all the plastic surgery around all sorts of celebrities, when they try to hide their aging from shame.

When the body loses its alluring weight, all that is left is just the carcass of a song. Would it have been better to develop the song some more and preserve some dignity, than to cash out fast with a poor song and once beautiful body? Pop-music is about all sorts of cheeks in MTV-generation and onwards era as we call it primarily as attention seeking.

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