Sunday, October 29, 2023

A Perfect Human

A Perfect Human

How to specify a perfect human being? Since there is no pattern, this is just a hypothetical thinking, which is hilarious.

Perfect human beings excel in every field in life: Art, Science, Sports and Social.

In Sports, an individual can sustain a relatively apt amount of muscle and endurance to maintain the ability to perform at least 3 kilometers in the Cooper test. An individual has a natural ability to orient to tactical games, like Ice Hockey and European Football, and excel better than most of the people. He/She has better cellular activity than most has.

In Science, an individual masters advanced concepts of physics and chemistry, and can form complex algorithms in mathematics. Using scientific concepts, he/she can engineer solutions to current retardant problems. There is no problem orienting thinking to new logical instruments like programming languages. In economy and finance, it is possible to detect flaws in current systems and fabricate new ideas. An individual can write coherent, analytical texts relying on scientific purposes.

In Art, an individual can write fiction while understanding concepts of existing entertainment, but also innovating to unknown themes. A person can read visual arts through theory. He/she can control paint brush to form color areas to form complex morphologies, including different lighting patterns, compositions and themes. A person can use pencils to draw lines, which will craft complex lighting patterns, compositions and themes. An individual can play various instruments and can dissect compositions to sophisticated entities.

In Social, he/she understands the concept of life, life and death. There is no selfish need to pursue happiness and success at the expense of others. An individual has a higher level of empathy, and can grasp with ease various social situations. He/she understands that power, money and control is vanity. An individual knows that he/she does not know, therefore he/she is just equal to the others. A person is immune to beliefs.

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