Saturday, October 14, 2017


Basic concept of this game is great, cars made of junk, fabulous.

However my main argument is the weapons. For example there are cannons and turret cannons, which are what they are. They basically are some kind of dart throwers which does some minor blast damage. But now somebody desided to include those "plasma" weapons, which looks out of the original theme. They look like Super Soakers shooting water balloons and doing way too much damage. They need to be down graded or utterly removed. Why not just adjust cannons and turrets making more damage and blast radius? There is simply no good reason for plasma guns. They are cheesy and corny in its basic form, without originality. And what is this microwave oven lazer? These new weapons are same as old weapons just with new skins.

If u need some fresh ideas for weapons, hire a game designer with a sense of humor, who is brave enough to try new things. But here is some ideas which could flourish the theme a little bit (humorous):

How about a giant hammer?:

How about a flailing morning star?:

How about a oil soaker? Later those spills could be set on fire:

About existing weapons:

Why a lance has energy drain only 1? Some people only spam them around their vehicle and instantly kills a player, completely ruining somebodys round. Put them like 4 or 5 drain each. Or u could drop down erergy drain of cannons and turrets to 2 per piece. Fair enough? Or u could put a module with 1 energy drain which gives player ability to jump.

And whose idea was to insert drones to the game. They seriously needs to be down scaled like 5 drain per box. Now they make way too much damage, or shooting way too far per bot. Drones should be and addition to somebodys arsenal, not a primary focus. Now it means spamming things around and literally doing anything relevant for battle of others with guns. Drones always lamely ruins somebodys match.

If there are balancing issues, there are these "Excel" softwares where a designer can put down values and easily compare things together.

Lastly, weapons should be last things to be preserved. The game is over when weapons are destroyed. The teamwork is not emphasized enough for players to work seamlessly together. 90% of matches are just random behaviour. Weapons should drop only when a cabin or base structure is destroyed.

Chat is utterly useless. I havent ever, not even once, seen any constructive nor tactical input from anyone, and i have been playing this game over 200 hours. At least put an option to remove the whole thing.

... Otherwise it is good game with great potential for serving exciting battles. And i truly a fan of this game.

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