Monday, February 26, 2018

A Batch of Chain-link fences in games

Here is an another batch of video games featuring chain-link fences.

Batman: Arkham Knight (2015):

Generally this game has so much details, objects, ui information and effects in the screen, that it clutters whole visual experience. For example roads are filled with junk, it is hard to even figure out where the actual road is when in a hurry. And top of that, there are the visual effects, like lighting effects and the rain effect. Unreal Engine has pretty good rendering engine, but there is a border when there is just too much of stuff on the screen. Quality of the chain-link fences are pretty good and shows how good graphics can be and how much graphical tricks can be presented in an open world experience with some tube run scenes.

Crysis 2 (2011):

Cryengine has a reputation to be a very complex engine, which means it exhausts resources of a machine back in 2011. Chain-link fence sample proves that graphics are really good, but that is it. The game itself is very boring

DARK (2013):

DARK represents cartoonish graphics, which is just an excuse to be stylish, lacking lots of texture quality as can be see from the chain-link fence sample. DARK is so mediocre game ovarall, that it just fades to the sun like a vampire.

Dead Rising (2006):

This is the oldest game in the batch, and it looks really old. For the time there was limitations to the graphics and chain-link fence sample shows how gigantic those chain-link frames are to save texture space. Graphics tries to be convincing, and they are enough detailed to be realistic.

Hard Reset (2011):

Hard Reset is a weird game. It has this gloomy and cold atmosphere from visuals and gameplay. Levels are screaming emptiness. There is not much of life in there, and when something moves, it usually is an enemy bringing death. This doesnt mean it is a scary game, but just cold like in future scenes in Terminator movies. Lack of humanity in the levels makes whole game strange. Textures are detailed, mostly because of levels are narrow tube runs.

Mafia 3 (2016):

Mafia 3 rendering engine brings absolutely beautiful graphics. Texture details suffers mostly because of it is an open world game where is lots of content. It is hard to say why the chain-link fence looks like it has double layers, but maybe it because both sides are represented?

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (2014):

This game has the most impressive chain-link fences from the batch. Texture sample in it has lots of resolution and the chain-links are deliciously intertwining together, which means the depth is gorgeous. Graphics in other hand are not that impressive, though the game contains a moderately big level.

Outlast (2013):

Outlast has very crispy graphics and they are generally pretty good. Chain-link fence sample though is very poor. Overall the visuals gives player brownish impression, mostly because the game tries to look dirty, gory and disgusting. Darkness is one major feature in the game, but it is represented as pitch black. Better and more aesthetic approach would have been to tint the black to a mild colour, like danger zone would have very dark red hue, cold place has dark blue and disqusting greenish darkness and neutral brownish darkness.

Quantum Break (2016):

Remedy is a finnish developer who made their name mostly from Max Payne. After that the tub has fallen from grace for a long time. Their major fetish is to bring some suspense Hollywood narrative to a video game, and that is their biggest problem. Max Payne worked very well, but Alan Wake and Quantum Break are just utterly boring experiences and story is way much at the foreground. If they want to make a video or movie, they should make a movie, not games with some corny stories. Of course consumers assumes that big boys knows what they are doing, and some players, especially finnish, pathetically are enjoying their failures, just because they are finnish game studio. Cocky people at Remedy should just focus to a more rich game concepts and mechanics, not stories. Their technology are not impressive anymore, barely holding small scale levels with poor quality textures and effects.

RAGE (2011):

RAGEs selling point was graphics and mostly huge texture catalogue. There is lots of details in textures, but lacking more game content. World feels empty and for open world game, there is way too little of game content. Graphics engine barely held on the speed of player, which appeared that texture drawing is always late when player changes the view. Chain-link fence shows that textures are not detailed in close distance.

Resident Evil 5 (2009):

Resident Evil 5 has very good and detailed graphics because of level designs are tight. There are couple variations of chain-link fences, and they look poor. They tried to push more details to the 3rd person characters and other aspects on levels, which is correct thinking in graphics design wisely.

Rise of the Tomb Raider (2016):

Tomb Raider has generally good graphics, mostly because of texture quality and resolution and open world experience is modest. Chain-link fence shows just extremely poor texture work with alpha.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (2017):

Chain-link fence sample is the worst from the batch. Quality is just very bad and maps are not even vast.

Sniper Elite 4 (2017):

This game has very beautiful graphics in overall and chain-link fence shows very bold texture work. Maps are open world and player can roam them freely. Texture quality in other textures are impressive and creates good impression of the rendering engine.

Watch_Dogs (2014):

Watch_Dogs is a game, where Ubisoft had to create a hacking game, without featuring hacking. Hacking means that player presses a key and technology magic happens. It is the most understatement for what hacking really means. Then it tries to feature vigilante violence in the streets, ending to be just another stealth shooter with a loose theme. Graphics are sharp, but something in the texture work shows deficiency. All the renderings gives impression of plasticity, like a world in some kind of ball pond.

Watch_Dogs 2 (2016):

Ubisoft tries to bring urban street culture to the state of the art hacking. Again, hacking is forgotten and Ubi brought good looking, athletic traceurs and graffitis to the world of technology. It is a very embarrasing composition. Graphics and textures are detailed, and lighting model is pretty good, but superficiality radiates from everywhere.

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